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  FDM Physiotherapie gegen chronische und akute Schmerzen

About FDM

FDM, which is short for Fascial Distortion Model, is a recently developed method of treatment. It allows the therapist to cure several kinds of pain related to the muskulosceletal system extremely efficiently. By use of punctual pressure and specific drawing movements he is able to countermand transformations of the connective tissue and to cure pain faster than by using the classical forms of therapy. Your body language has an essential part in this. From the way you describe your discomfort the therapist draws conclusions to the nature of the connective tissue's transformation and chooses the most effective treatment.

In which cases can FDM help?

FDM was developed by the US doctor Stephen Typaldos to improve the efficiency of known methods of treatment. Thus complaints such as lumbago, strain trauma, sprain and luxation, but also general back pain of any kind can be cured successfully. :: dominikanerbastei 12 :: 1010 wien :: tel +43 1 941 50 03 :: fax +43 1 945 44 87