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About osteopathy

Imagine your sceleton to be the carrying part of a sky scraper. It is the framework that holds all the essential components of the building. All changes in the structure lead to apparent transformations in the statics of the building. Our body can be compared to this. Pain that occurs in a certain area sometimes is only a projection while the actual cause lies in a different part of our body. An osteopathic therapist reckons the human organism as a whole, which enables him to identify coherences and to locate and treat the real cause. Sometimes even before evident discomfort occurs.

In which cases can osteopathy help?

Osteopathy is based on well-founded anatomic knowledge. This enables the osteopath to draw conclusions from restrictions in the mobility of a specific body region that ultimately affect other parts of the body. This way it is possible to treat not only disorders of the supporting apparatus but diseases of inner organs, headache, problems with the eyes and many more as well. :: dominikanerbastei 12 :: 1010 wien :: tel +43 1 941 50 03 :: fax +43 1 945 44 87