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  Chronische Schmerzen osteopathisch behandeln

Chronic pain

Pain serves as a warning signal for our body. Usually it tells us that there is something wrong. With chronic pain this direct connection sometimes can not be made. It is frequently difficult to localise and is not directly linked to a particular change in the organism. Here osteopathy provides an alternative approach because it considers the human organism as a whole. Based on his well-founded knowledge of the human anatomy the osteopath draws conclusions about connections regarding other body regions and detects changes there. Using manual therapy he often is able to dismantle blockades causing chronic pain.


Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Pain that occurs for more than three months is considered to be chronic pain. It originates in many different ways and is also very different in its effects. A lot of people suffer from pain in the back, neuralgia, tension headache or frozen shoulder. But an osteopathic treatment can also be very helpful against all other kinds of pain that appear constantly and are long-lasting. Let us look for the cause of your discomfort together. :: dominikanerbastei 12 :: 1010 wien :: tel +43 1 941 50 03 :: fax +43 1 945 44 87