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Athletic injuries

Sufficient exercise plays a decisive roll in health care. Unfortunately soccer, skiing and the like sometimes lead to painful and wearisome injuries. Also in cases like this osteopathic treatment can bring abatement often very quickly. Although it can-not replace a potentially inevitable surgical intervention it supports the healing process very efficiently as an after-treatment. Which therapy is chosen depends on several different factors, such as the distinct nature of the injury, the previous anamnesis and the individual sensation of the patient. Thus mobility and strength are restored much faster and the period of rehabilitation is reduced significantly.


Which injuries can be treated?

Injuries that occur particularly often are pulled muscles, ligamental strain, sprain or tennis elbow. But in general osteopathy can be helpful against all kinds of athletic injuries and enhance the healing process either as a treatment of its own or as an after-treatment in the case of a surgical intervention. :: dominikanerbastei 12 :: 1010 wien :: tel +43 1 941 50 03 :: fax +43 1 945 44 87